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    ITSC provides basic and campus-wide IT services for all CUHK staff and students for free and such standard services are the Core IT Services. Beyond that standard provision, ITSC also provides extra, non-core IT Services to satisfy the extra or special needs of the departments and users. Non-core IT services are fee charging in order to cover the extra cost incurred.

    This page summarizes the Core and Non-core IT Services provided by ITSC, and the charging principle of Non-core IT services.

    1. Core IT Services are Free

      Definition of Core IT Services:
      Core IT Services are defined as the basic and campus-wide IT services provided centrally to all eligible staff and/or students to facilitate their teaching, learning, research and administration activities. All CUHK staff and students, teaching and research units, administrative and servicing units are eligible to use the core IT Services for free. The Core IT services are supported by central block grant funding and appropriate overhead charges for self-financed activities are recovered.
      The free Core IT services provided by ITSC are:
    2. Non-core IT services are Fee Charging

      Definition of Non-Core IT Services:
      Non-Core IT Services are defined as the extra IT services that go beyond the standard provision in terms of scope and/or quality, which are not supported by the central block grant and are therefore subject to fee charging. Subject to availability of manpower, ITSC will endeavor to provide the non-core services on request.
      The fee charging Non-core IT services offered by ITSC are:
    3. The Charging Principle of Non-Core IT Services

      The charging fee of the non-core IT service is to recover the cost incurred in providing the service:
      Service charging fee = Labour Cost + Material Cost
      The labour cost is calculated based on the hourly rate of the IT staff. The direct material cost includes both hardware and software required to provide the service. Based on the 2016 notional salary of IT staff, the labour cost is calculated as follows:
      Professional Service      = $400/hr
      Technical Service          = $260/hr

    4. Discount on Direct Labour for All Block-Grant (BG) Activities
      Starting from 1 October 2015, the University will offer a 50% discount on direct labour to support non-core IT services that are supported by BG. That is, in order to be applicable, the service must be charged against BG accounts.
      • Discount is, however, NOT applicable to direct materials and equipment.
      • For non-BG activities, full costs chargeback for direct labour, materials and equipment will be applicable.

    5. Charging Table of Non-Core IT Services

      Please refer to the following link for the latest charging table of ITSC’s non-core services.
      (For CUHK staff only via OnePass)

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    July 2016