CU WebForm

The CU Webform Service fulfills the requests of online survey and online application. Data collection becomes a user-friendly task.


  • 20 different question types including basic and advanced ones;
  • A number of themes to beautify your form or survey look;
  • Summary report available online and downloadable for further analysis with Excel or SPSS;
  • E-mail list to send out invitation and follow up notification;
  • Enhanced security in supporting user authentication through University ID and OnePass password; and
  • Other advanced features, such as question jumping, signature drawing and file uploading.

Available to

Departments & student organizations with staff endorsement
For individuals, you may use MyCUForm (CU WebForm Vs MyCUForm)

Service Charge and Application

application required, please write to ITSC Service Desk . Check ITSC Service Request User Guide for operation details.

Access to Service

Service Availability

24 X 7


Each department can apply for up to 10 administrator accounts.

  1. Security Control
    Customized login form in supporting user authentication through University ID and OnePass password
    webform signin
  2. Drag & Drop Form Builder
    Different question types, including basic and advanced options, ready for creating a professional webform
  3. Advanced features
    Question jumping, signature drawing, multi-page forms and file uploading are ready to meet your demand.
  4. E-mail notifications
    Receive instant email notifications and send auto-responder.
  5. Entries manipulation
    By a couple of clicks, responses to your webform will be consolidated in a table. You can drill down to manipulate the individual record. Summary report available online and downloadable for later use in Excel spreadsheet, CSV file or text file.


CU Webform  MyCUForm
Target  Department Individual
Account Creation  Write to ITSC Service Desk Account ready for CUHK staff & students
File Upload  Yes No
Custom Theme  Yes No
Number of Forms  Unlimited 5
Authentication on Form  Public or CUHK people Public
Form Editing Right Staff within department Only you