MyCUHK serves as a personal portal to a wide range of services and websites in CUHK. It also provides the primary entrance to CUSIS services. An upgrade is conducted in 2020 (FAQS).

Available to

Staff, students & alumni

Service Charge and Application

Free; no application required

Access to Service

Please refer to tab 2. Login Notes of MyCUHK (General Users / CUSIS Administrators) for login guide.

Service Availability

24 X 7 ; except maintenance period


1. Use of Service

Staff, students and alumni can enjoy a no. of services in MyCUHK with their staff / student / alumni account:

1. Reach other online system / services:

Services Staff Student Alumni
CUHK Library’s Service
eLearning System
Email ✔ (Webmail) ✔ (@Link) ✔ (@Link)
Office 365
University Health System
Sports Facilities Booking
Student Development Portfolio
Online Contact Directory
Walk for Green
ITSC Service Desk
Staff Self-service Enquiry
CU Fanancial System
Academic Staff Handbook
Grade Distribution Guidelines
Email Forwarding Application
Alumni’s Event Registration

2. Manage personal information / account, including

  • Personal / Academic profile in the University
  • CUHK OnePass password
  • CUHK Webmail for staff
  • Donation to the University for alumni

3. Stay connect with CUHK news and events


2. Login Notes of MyCUHK (General Users / CUSIS Administrators)

Login for General Users

After the upgrade on 11 Mar 2020, all staff, students and alumni would log in with

  • Login ID:, OR
  • Password: OnePass password

For staff who have registered for two-factor authentication (2FA), DUO, before, you need to go through DUO too during MyCUHK login.

The Login Page

Login for CUSIS Administrators

According to Security Policy for Handling Personal Data, two-factor authentication (2FA) are required for all CUSIS administrators to enter MyCUHK / CUSIS from 11 Mar 2020.

  1. Please register for 2FA at 2FA portal ( beforehand.
  2. Otherwise, you are unable to enter MyCUHK / CUSIS with the error message below even if the correct login ID and password are used.
    Please follow point 1 above to register for 2FA to continue.
3. User Guides

Explore the functions in MyCUHK for