Staff / Student Account

After reporting/registration to the University, staff/students will receive a set of OnePass (CWEM) account including

Login ID: (1)Staff / Student ID ; (2)Computing ID & (3) Email address
Password: OnePass (CWEM) Password
Email Address: (staff) or (student)

This account can be used for a number of University IT systems and services including MyCUHK, Microsoft 365, Email, WiFi, VPN and more. In using this account, users are automatically governed by the policies and guidelines that published at Computer Network – Policies & Guidelines on Access and Usage.

Available to

Staff & students

Service Charge and Application

Free; no application required

Service Availability

24 X 7


1. Get Started

Account Collection

You can collect your Computing Account Information slip (CAI) which shows your OnePass (CWEM) account information:

New Student

The account distribution schedule of academic year 2021/22 is announced. You will receive a 6-digit V-code to according to the schedule.

Please enter Student Computing Accounts Collection System (SCACS) with your V-code to obtain the CAI for at most 5 times online. Each obtainment will generate a new OnePass password. You should save it to avoid repeated obtainment.

New Staff

There are several ways to collect your CAI

  1. Submit request via online form at
  2. Visit Service Desk on 1/F, Pi Chiu Building or 6/F, WMY Building during opening hours.
  3. Call ITSC hotline on 3943 8845 during office hours

Use of Account

Your OnePass (CWEM) account is widely used on different IT services:

Service Staff Student
CUHK Login – single sign-on to different University systems, including Blackboard * *
Microsoft 365, including Email Service (@Link / Microsoft 365 Mail)
CUHK Online Applications with Central Authentication Directory Service * *
On Campus WiFi
Registration for Off Campus WiFi – CUHK Wi-Fi Hotspot Partnership Program

* Subject to your right to use a specific online applications


2. Change / Forgot Password or Forgot Computing ID

1. Forgot Password

You may get back your password in EITHER way below:

  1. reset it yourself at
  2. Complete the online application form (response in generally 1 working day)
  3. Visit Service Desk on 6/F, WMY Building during opening hours

2. Change Current / Expired Password

Change your OnePass password here

Note: Your password might be expired even if the login page tells “incorrect ID / password”. Please see tab 3 – Regular Password Expiry here for details.

3. Forgot Computing ID

You cannot change your computing ID. To check your computing ID, please


3. Regular Password Expiry

You need to change your OnePass (CWEM) Password at least annually as a security measure. Please visit OnePass (CWEM) Password Policy for details.
An email reminder will be sent to you before your account expiry. To change password, please

  1. Visit OR
  2. Click “Change Current / Expired Password” on CUHK Login Page OR

When Your OnePass (CWEM) Password Expires

  • You can still change your password
  • You will be prompted with “Incorrect ID / Password” while logging into IT services that do not involve CUHK Login page
  • You will be reminded about the password expiry while logging into CUHK Login



4. Account Deletion / Extension

Your OnePass (CWEM) account will be deleted after your employment end date / graduation date. Please archive and backup all your files and emails, and remove email forwarding before your account deletion.

Account Extension

Account Extension Service here is mainly for

  • a leaving staff to have job handover or
  • a current staff who will have new appointment under CUHK which is under process of Human Resources Office.

Please complete the online application form at least 3 weeks before a staff employment end date. To protect the University IT resources, ITSC will generally offer account extension up to one month after getting the department endorsement.

For students, accounts will only be extended when the study period is extended by the related study programme office before the expected graduation date.



5. FAQ

Q1: In my Windows device, my Microsoft applications keep prompting for login (such as after changing my OnePass). How to resolve it?

A1: You need to clear the Windows Credential Manager, please follow the steps below:

  1. Close all Microsoft applications (including Outlook, Word, Skype for Business, OneDrive etc).
  2. Click Start > Control Panel > User Accounts > Credential Manager > Windows Credential.
    Select each item whose type is MicrosoftOffice16_Data:ADAL:<GUID>, and then press Delete. Repeat this step to delete all items for your account.
  3. Close the Credential Manager window. Restart your PC.
  4. Restart Microsoft Application and it will redirect you to CUHK Login page. Follow the screen instruction to enter your email address as your login ID and OnePass password. Contact ITSC if you have any further enquiries.