Anti-virus Software on PCs

Kaspersky Anti-virus for Windows and Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac are campus-wide available.

Staff and students of the University are entitled to obtain one copy of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for their home computers.

Departments are recommended to use Kaspersky Total Security for Business for their computers and servers protection. License key of the following components are provided:

  • Kaspersky for Workstation/Server
  • Kaspersky for E-mail Server
  • Kaspersky for Internet Gateway
  • System Management Function in Kaspersky Security Center
  • Kaspersky Security for SharePoint Server

Available to

Departments, staff & students

Service Charge and Application

Free; annual renewal required. Please refer to the related tabs to proceed the download.

Service Availability

24 X 7


1. For Individual User

Download the software here 
Prevent to be a victim by referring to Ransomware Variants – Kidnapping You from Far.


Installation Guide

Please choose and read the anti-virus installation user guide that fits for your computer operating system.

OS Kaspersky Version and User Guide
Windows 8.1, 10 (x86-based CPU Windows) Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Windows (Version, English)

  1. Kaspersky Hardware and Software Requirements for Windows
  2. For general users (This software package will uninstall 3rd party software incompatible with Kaspersky): User guide
macOS 10.14 – macOS 12 (Intel-based CPU Mac and Apple Silicon-based CPU Mac) Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac (Version, English)

  1. Hardware and Software Requirement for Mac
  2. User guide

– Please uninstall any Kaspersky Anti-Virus software before upgrade your Mac OS X

2. For Department

This is for departmental LAN Administrators only. Please log into CUHK LAN Administrators Resources Website to access “Kaspersky for Departments” under “Information Security”

3. Known Issue / Note before Installation
  1. The Hardware Requirement
    The hardware requirements for running Kaspersky include Processor that supports the SSE2 instruction set. Most Intel and AMD processors are capable to run Kaspersky. However, for some processors, such as Microsoft SQ1 that was used in Microsoft Surface Pro X, does not support SSE2 instruction set. So it cannot run Kaspersky. Users of these kind of computers should consider to use other Anti-Virus product such as Microsoft Defender that comes with Windows 10
  2. Auto-update Failure for Kaspersky on Windows with Version before KES
  3. MacOS10.15.4 or Later Shows Legacy System Extension Alert against old Version of Kaspersky
    macOS 10.15.4 or later version will alert Legacy System Extension issue i.e. incompatibility on previous version of Kaspersky Endpoint Security (as captured below). Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac Version can fix this issue. If you have installed previous version of Kaspersky Endpoint Security, please follow the user guide of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac (Version, English) to upgrade your Kaspersky Endpoint Security software.