Microsoft 365 Mail

Microsoft 365 Mail is a central email service for all staff members.

Available to


Service Charge and Application

Staff: Free; no application required
Project / Department: Apply the service through project / department account application

Access to Service

CUHK Microsoft 365 Portal:
Login ID: Your email address
Password: OnePass Password

Service Availability

24 X 7 ; except maintenance period


Email Address:

Mailbox Size:

  • Staff: 50 / 100GB
  • Department / Project: 50GB

User Profile: You can update your profile information like contact phone, title, address and display name at Update Microsoft 365 Staff Profile
Size Restriction on each Message (including attachments): 25MB
Mailbox Valid until: 1 working day after staff appointment end date / project account expiry date

Here are quick guides for you to check emails or access your mailbox across devices and other email services.

Clients / Usage DUO 2FA Enabled Users
Web Browser ( Outlook on the web
Change Display Language / Time Zone
Auto-forwarding Emails to Your Personal Mailbox
Windows Outlook
MacOS Outlook for Mac
Native Mail Client (MacOS 10.14 or above)
iOS Outlook App (iOS 12 or above)
Native Mail Client (iOS 12 or above)
Android Outlook App (Android 8 or above)

Questions below have been frequently asked:

  • Mail Size, Receiving/Sending Limit and General settings?
  • Mail Folders, Suspected Mail Lost and Blocked attachments in Outlook?
  • Forwarding and Auto-Reply settings?
  • …And more

Please click here for the full version of FAQs.