Microsoft 365 Mail

Microsoft 365 Mail is a central email service for all staff members.

Available to


Service Charge and Application

Staff: Free; no application required
Project / Department: Apply the service through project / department account application

Access to Service

CUHK Microsoft 365 Portal:
Login ID: Your email address
Password: OnePass Password

Service Availability

24 X 7 ; except maintenance period


Email Address:

User Profile: You can update your profile information like contact phone, title, address and display name at Update Microsoft 365 Staff Profile
Size Restriction on each Message (including attachments): 25MB
Mailbox Valid until: 1 working day after staff appointment end date / project account expiry date


Here are quick guides for you to check emails or access your mailbox across devices and other email services.

Clients / Usage DUO 2FA Enabled Users
Web Browser ( Outlook on the web
Change Display Language / Time Zone
Auto-forwarding Emails to Your Personal Mailbox
Windows Outlook
MacOS Outlook for Mac
Native Mail Client
iOS Outlook App
Native Mail Client
Android Outlook App

Questions below have been frequently asked:

  • Mail Size, Receiving/Sending Limit and General settings?
  • Mail Folders, Suspected Mail Lost and Blocked attachments in Outlook?
  • Forwarding and Auto-Reply settings?
  • …And more

Please click here for the full version of FAQs.