ITSC eServices

ITSC eServices offers a wide range of economical and convenient solutions tailored for the specific needs of individual medium/small-sized departments.

Subscribed departments need not worry about the purchasing their own equipment, doing data backup or even acquiring inventories and IT talents. This one-stop service benefits departments in

  • Minimizing IT resources
    ITSC eServices helps ranging from hardware setup to professional support.  Departments can therefore save their time and effort when planning and handling different aspects in IT.
  • Getting comprehensive maintenance and support
    ITSC eServices provides departments with IT consultation and troubleshooting of their office environment.

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Service Charge and Application

Charged on annual basis;
application required, please write to ITSC Service Desk . Check ITSC Service Request User Guide for operation details.

Service Availability

Office hours


ITSC eServices includes:

  1. File and Print services
    Provides file storage and data backup over the campus backbone network. This is an easy way to share files with other members of the department.
  2. Desktop PC management
    Provides consultation on PC configuration, security measures, and patch updates, etc.
  3. Office IT security
    Firewall and anti-virus are built for departments/unit network to ensure a safe working environment.
  4. Hardware and software support
    Supports subscribed departments on both hardware and software installation issues.  Departments can then focus on soft skills in IT instead of the basic setup and infrastructure.