Research Computing

We aim to provide update computing facility and to serve the university researchers with optimal solutions. Our objectives are:

  1. To provide Research Computing services for university researchers
  2. To install and tune applications for departmental users
  3. To liaison and collaborate with other departments to build the University research infrastructure

Available to


Service Charge and Application

Charged service; application required, please write to ITSC Service Desk (Research Computing Team).

Service Availability

Office hours



Types of Computing Nodes System Configuration
High core frequency 12-core node Dell R620 Server

  • Intel Dual E5-2643v2 3.5 GHz (6-core), 64 GB Memory
16-core nodes Two Dell R620 servers

  • Intel Dual E5-2640v2 2.0 GHz (8-core), 64 GB Memory

Eight IBM X3550M4 servers

  • Intel Dual Xeon E5-2660 2.2 GHz (8-core), 64 GB Memory

Disk Storage System

  • EMC Isilon X200 Scale-Out Storage, 40 TB for this platform
  • IBM System Storage DS3512, 15 TB for this platform

Network Switches

  • Cisco Nexus 5000 series switches
  • Cisco Catalyst 4900 series switch
  • Dell Networking N4000 series switches


We provide free-installation services of application coming with authorized license. The following lists the language compilers, parallel tools, libraries and popular applications which have installed for previous users. Most of them are being run by the researchers.

Names Language Compilers / Parallel Tools / Libraries
Language Compilers GNU and Intel /C/C++ and Fortran compilers;Java compiler.
Parallel Tools OpenMPI, MPICH, OpenMP
Libraries Intel Math Kernel Library, Sci/Math Libraries
Resource Manager and scheduler Torque and Maui
Focus Areas Applications / Codes
Astronomy /Particle Physics Gadget
Automated Docking Tool Autodock
Computational Chemistry Gaussian 09
Genomics BLAST
Life Science Bowtie, Miranda
Life Science – Molecular Dynamics AMBER
Mathamatics Matlab
Statistical Computing and graphics R, Parallel R, SAS 9.4
Weather / Climate CESM, WRF, CMAX, GEOS-Chem

These research computing services are not supported by the central block grant and are therefore subject to fee charging. Based on availability of manpower and computing resources, Research Computing Team will endeavor to provide the services on request.

Self-Financed Computing Services

It is for the researchers who acquire Self-financed computing resources.

Research Computing Team entertains the researchers who enquire or request to:

  • purchase computing resources such as CPU time, disk storage and memory allocation; and
  • purchase server hosting service.

Professional Services

It is for the researchers who acquire professional services for computing system configuration planning, acquisition support and implementation project.

Research Computing Team entertains the researchers who enquire or request to:

  • plan and acquire department owned computing resources; and
  • install and setup and administer such computing resources.

Advisory Services

It is for the researchers who request advisory services about computing system

Research Computing Team entertains the researchers who request advisory services such as consultation, use of software, training, project discussion, budgeting, and etc.