University Data Centre

University Data Centre

Two green data centres are located on Shatin Campus

  • Central Data Centre 1: G/F of Pi Chiu Building
  • Central Data Centre 2: 7/F of Wu Ho Man Yuen Building

They both facilitate high speed networking and secure places to house central network and system equipment. Besides, departments can also host their servers and applications through its co-location and special VM hosting services.

Available to


Service Charge and Application

Charged an annual subscription basis
For application, please write to ITSC Service Desk

Service Availability

24 X 7


1. Features

Our data centres are well facilitated with the following for colocation services

  • Standard 21U/42U 19” Industrial Racks with 2 x Modular PDUs
  • Independent Rack Door Access Control
  • FM200 gas-based fire suppression system
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply and Diesel Power Generators for power stability
  • CRAC Air Conditioning and Humidity Control
  • Defined cold and hot aisles to provide an efficient power and cooling environment
  • Surveillance and recording system
  • Strict physical access for only authorized staff access
  • 7 x 24 manned support


2. Other Information