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    MyCUHK serves as a personal portal to a wide range of services and websites in CUHK. It also provides the primary entrance to CUSIS services.


    Available to
    Staff, students & alumni


    Service Charge and Application
    Free; no application required


    Access to Service


    Service Availability
    24 X 7 ; except maintenance period


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    1. Use of Service

    Staff, students and alumni can enjoy a no. of services in MyCUHK with their staff / student / alumni account:

    1. Reach other online system / services:
    Services Staff Student Alumni
    CUHK Library’s Service
    eLearning System  
    Email ✔ (Webmail) ✔ (@Link) ✔ (@Link)
    Office 365
    University Health System  
    Sports Facilities Booking  
    Student Development Portfolio  
    Online Contact Directory  
    Walk for Green  
    ITSC Service Desk  
    Staff Self-service Enquiry    
    CU Fanancial System    
    Academic Staff Handbook    
    Grade Distribution Guidelines    
    Email Forwarding Application    
    Alumni's Event Registration    


    2. Manage personal information / account, including
    • Personal / Academic profile in the University
    • CUHK OnePass password
    • CUHK Webmail for staff
    • Donation to the University for alumni
    3. Stay connect with CUHK news and events



    Change Your OnePass (CWEM) Password every 400 Days.

    - OnePass (CWEM) Password Policy