FAQs of CUSIS Upgrade 2020

Q1. Why do we have MyCUHK / CUSIS suspension? Why does it take for around 2 weeks?
A1. The suspension of MyCUHK / CUSIS will be during 28 Feb (Fri) 6:00PM – 11 Mar (Wed) 8:45AM, which takes around 10 calendar days.
It is to prepare for the launch of the upgraded version. The suspension is essential since it involves data migration, system checking (including all University systems which retrieve CUSIS data) and data updates.


Q2. How does it affect me when MyCUHK is not available?
A2. MyCUHK is the portal to access to different University systems and services. It supports single sign-on to some University IT systems e.g. CUPIS. However, you can still log in or access those University IT systems without MyCUHK. ITSC will also provide the quick links for you at https://portal.cuhk.edu.hk/ or https://www.cuhk.edu.hk/mycuhk during the suspension.


Q3. I used to check out teaching information via CUSIS. What should I do without “CUSIS & MyTeaching”?
A3. You can still check out your teaching related information via Blackboard

  • to view your courses,
  • to view the student list at its Grade Centre
  • to email your students with its email or announcement function


Q4. Will other services e.g. Blackboard, library service or login be affected?
A4: Most other campus-wide IT services, including OnePass, CUHK Login, email, Office 365, eLearning platforms (Blackboard, Panopto, Zoom), VPN, WiFi, CUPIS, CUSAP and etc., will NOT be affected.

Q1. Why is there an upgrade?
A1. It is due to the current CUSIS software version has reached its end of support. The upgrade project starts back in early 2019.

Q2. What’s new about the upgraded version?
A2. The new functions and preview can be found at


Q3. Why choosing 11 Mar 2020 as the go live date and having the suspension from 28 Feb 2020?
A3. The CUSIS software has reached its end of support. However, to avoid interruption to course enrollment, it was originally scheduled to be suspended from 24 Jan 2020 and to go live on 5 Feb 2020, after consultation with different user groups. And it was later rescheduled TWICE due to different incident / event:

  • Early end of Term 1, 2019 – 2020: had been rescheduled to be suspended from 14 Feb 2020 and to go live on 26 Feb 2020
  • COVID-19: was FINALLY rescheduled to be suspended from 28 Feb 2020 and to go live on 11 Mar 2020