Guidelines for Data Protection

The DOs & DONT’s checklist for protecting your digital data


  1. Use encryption to protect confidential data
  2. Backup important data and test the backup regularly
  3. Use strong passwords, keep them private and change regularly.
  4. Activate password protection for unattended computing devices
  5. Beware of suspicious e-mails
  6. Configure your computer securely
  7. Run a VPN connection over CUHK Wi-Fi connection
  8. Turn off unnecessary wireless connections
  9. Observe and comply with the “Data Protection Principles”
  10. Report Information Security incident immediately



  1. Save work-related confidential data to insecure home computers or portable computing devices
  2. Leave your portable devices unattended in public places.
  3. Use password with dictionary word or your personal information 4. Place your password conspicuously.
  4. Open e-mail or click any links in suspicious e-mails
  5. Run or install unnecessary or unknown software.
  6. Upload or download files that you don’t have copyright.
  7. Connect wireless connections of unknown sources