Turn off Unnecessary Wireless Connections


Wireless devices such as Wi-Fi, infrared and Bluetooth are constantly announcing their presence if they are enabled. It means that they are waving hands to hackers without your awareness.
Also, if both wireless and wired network connections are enabled at the same time, it is possible for hackers to sneak into the wired network through wireless network and cause damages to your computer.

Possible solutions Turn off unnecessary wireless connections.
  1. After you have established wireless connections and would like to turn off unnecessary ones, click “Start”, and then click “Control Panel”.
  2. In the “Control Panel”, click “Network and Internet Connections”.
  3. In the “Network and Internet Connections” window, click “Network Connections”.
  4. Right click on “Wireless Network Connection” and choose “View Available Wireless Networks”.
  5. In the “Choose a wireless network” window, select the name of the provider and click “Disconnect”.
  6. This is the final backup progress screen showing the final time elapsed and the total number of files processed.