Department / Project Account

Department / Project Account

Staff can apply for (1) a sole department account for your department; or (2) project accounts to manage different projects in your department:

Available to


Service Charge and Application

Free; application with annual renewal required at ITSC Computer Account Application and Management System (CAAMS) (via Campus Network / CUHK VPN)

Service Availability

24 X 7


1. Account Application & Renewal


Complete the online application form at ITSC Computer Account Application and Management System (CAAMS) (via Campus Network / CUHK VPN).  Please log into the system and read the Guidelines and Procedures available at Help (right top corner) of CAAMS.


Annual renewal is required. You will receive an account expiry notification. All related emails and data files within the account will be deleted 30 days after the account expires.

Person Responsible: Project leader / programme coordinator
Renewal Period: No later than 30 days after the account expires
Renewal Procedures:Complete the online application form for each department / project account
Result Notification:A notification email to department head / project leader / programme coordinator at least 3 working days


2. Use of Account

The department / project account is widely used on different IT services:


3. Change Current / Expired Password or Forgot Computing ID / Password

Change Password

Change your OnePass password here

Change Password

Change your OnePass password here

Note: Your password might be expired even if the login page tells “incorrect ID / password”. Please see tab 4 – Regular Password Expiry here for details.

Forgot Password

Use either method below:


4. Regular Password Expiry

You need to change your OnePass (CWEM) Password at least every 400 days as a security measure (Why?). An email reminder will be sent to you before your account expiry. To change password, you may:

  1. Visit OR
  2. Click “Change Current / Expired Password” on OnePass or CUHK Login Page

When Your OnePass (CWEM) Password Expires

  • You can still change your password
  • You will be prompted with “Incorrect ID / Password” while logging into IT services that do not involve OnePass / CUHK Login page
  • You will be reminded about the password expiry while logging into OnePass / CUHK Login