Alumni Account

Alumni Account

Once your graduate status is confirmed by the Senate, you can stay connected with the University to enjoy a range of IT services

  • Login ID: Alumni ID (same as student ID)
  • Password: OnePass (CWEM) Password / MyCUHK Password

Available to

All students after graduation with graduate status confirmed by the Senate

Service Charge

For free

Service Availability

Support by Alumni Affairs Office. Please refer to


1. Use of Account

Alumni may enjoy a range of IT services with the alumni account:

2. Forgot ID Password

Forgot Alumni ID

Find your alumni ID here

Forgot Password or Password Expired

Reset Your Password Here

3. Password Policy

The Feb 2018 IT Governance Committee Meeting has discussed the cybersecurity risk and reviewed OnePass Password Expiry Policy. For alumni account, it was agreed to require the alumni to have a one-off change of password according to CUHK’s password standard during the next login and there would be no expiry on the alumni passwords afterwards.

Alumni passwords that have not been changed after 31 Jan 2019 will expire on 1 Jul 2019. This arrangement does not apply to alumni accounts that created after 31 Jan 2019. When alumni passwords expire, they can change a new password at Here