Suspension of Access to the Campus Network

The ITSC would suspend your VPN/Web access to the Campus Network and disable your current network connections when a huge amount of abnormal network traffic was generated from the computer that you were using (could be your personal one or a campus public one).

This abnormal network traffic kept our network equipment busy in handling its flow and in turn resulted in a slow response on the Campus Network. To protect public interest, we would take prompt action to suspend your account.


The major reason that a computer produces abnormal traffic is that it is infected by a virus/worm or you have mis-configured a peer-to-peer software.


  1. Clean up the virus/worm
    Use an anti-virus scanner (e.g. Kaspersky) to check and remove a computer virus/worm.
  2. Check your computer regularly
    To avoid any inconvenience caused by account suspension, please check out the recommendations here to protect computers from viruses or other attacks.
  3. Mind the risks of Peer-to-Peer File Sharing
    Pay attention to the risks you may be exposed to when using peer-to-peer software by visiting Risks in Peer-to-peer File Sharing.


Please contact ITSC by either method in “Contact Us” at the right top here.

ITSC will contact you to resume your network access to campus network on the next working day once received your request.