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    ResNet (Student Hostel Network)

    In student hostels, users can connect their computing devices to the campus network and Internet through ResNet with network ports and WiFi deployed and covered in each room. Network cable can be purchased from University Bookstore (Rm 101, Yasumoto International Academic Park, The Chinese University of Hong Kong) or other vendors.


    Available to
    Staff & students


    Service Charge and Application
    Free, no application required


    Service Availability
    24 X 7; except maintenance period


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    1. Using ResNet

    Wired Network
    1. Connect your laptop to the network port with an appropriate network cable
    2. Start a web browser and visit any website. You will be re-directed to a login page.
    3. Type in your Computing ID and OnePass (CWEM) password. You can get online upon a successful login.
    4. For a secure connection or accessing some University restricted websites, you can additionally connect to CUHK VPN.


    Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network

    Visit On-campus WiFi for details and the coverage. We are conducting Resnet upgrade in summer 2016. Check out Resnet (Hostel Network) Upgrade for details.


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    1. Speed Test and Report an Issue

    Got connection issues? To speed up the troubleshooting, please tell us your following test results by contact ITSC Service Desk


    1. To carry out the test, please make sure your device is connected to CUHK network. The test may use large data between your device and OFCA server.
    2. If you test it with your mobile, you should disable your mobile data plan before carrying out the test.


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    1. ResNet Coverage

    Users can connect the computing devices to ResNet on the listed student hostels.


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    1. Policy and Guidelines

    1. For a secure connection or accessing some University restricted websites, you can run a VPN connection additionally over the above wired or WiFi access.
    2. Setting up routing or other special network functions is prohibited.
    3. A network connection would be disconnected or blocked because of
      1. abnormal traffic generated from a computer
      2. private Wi-Fi Access Point(AP) is installed and detected which cause interference to WiFi service provided by the University.
    4. A wired ResNet connection session expires after using for 12 hours or idling for 1 hour. You can re-connect to resume the network service.
    5. Install Anti-virus software and regularly perform scanning on your computers.
    6. Please observe Best Practices for Accessing Campus Network at Student Hostels.