ResNet (Student Hostel Network) coverage

ResNet serves the following student hostels 24 X 7, except scheduled maintenance.

College Building
Chung Chi College Hua Lien Tang
Madam S H Ho Hall
Ming Hua Tang
Theology Building
Wen Chih Tang
Wen Lin Tang
Ying Lin Tang
Lee Shu Pui Hall
Pentecostal Mission Hall Complex High Block
Pentecostal Mission Hall Complex Low Block
New Asia College Chih Hsing Hall
Grace Tien Hall
Xuesi Hall
Daisy Li Hall
Office of Student Affairs International House Block 1
International House Block 2
International House Block 3
International House Block 4
International House Block 5
Postgraduate Hall Complex Jockey Club Postgraduate Hall 1
Jockey Club Postgraduate Hall 2 & 3
Postgraduate Hall 4-6
Prince of Wales Hospital Madam S H Ho Hostel for Medical Students
Shaw College Kuo Mou Hall
Student Hostel II Low Block
Yat Sen Hall
United College Adam Schall Residence
Bethlehem Hall
Hang Seng Hall
Chan Chun Ha Hostel
S.H. Ho College Ho Tim Hall
Lee Quo Wei Hall
Morningside College Maurice R. Greenberg Building
Tower Block
Lee Woo Shing College North Block
South Block
Wu Yee Sun College East Block
West Block
CW Chu College Wing A (Ina Ho Chan Un Chan Building)
Wing B (The middle wing)
Wing C (Marina Tse Chu Building)