Ways for CUHK Staff & Students to Connect to CUHK Campus Network and the Internet

To decide which network connection you should connect to, you have to consider (1) your location, (2) whether Ethernet backbone or wireless network is available and (3) the actions you want to perform on the Internet. The following table summarizes the characteristics and advices concerning each network connection.

Network Type




CUHK Wi-Fi Service

CUHK Wi-Fi Hotspot Partnership Programme



SSID = CSL / Y5ZONE / Eduroam

On-campus  ✔  ✔


 ✔  ✔






Coverage Selected student hostels (See coverage) Lecture theatres, classrooms, libraries and public areas on campus. Lecture theatres, classrooms, libraries, canteens and public areas on campus. Sister institutions, 24-hour convenient stores and shopping malls in Hong Kong, as well as educational institutions over the world.
Connection Method Web Login + Email Address & OnePass  password ClassNet and CUHK VPN: VPN Client + Email Address & OnePass password

* Staff : alias @cuhk.edu.hk
Students : student-id @link.cuhk.edu.hk

Web Login + Email Address & OnePass password
  • CSL/ Y5ZONE: Web Login
  • Eduroam : Dot 1x connection

Computing-ID @cuhk.edu.hk & self-defined password. Registration is required.

Restricted CUHK Sites Access Availability

These sites include: CUHK Wi-Fi Hotspot Partnership Programme, Staff Self-Service Enquiry System, Library e-resources, licensed software download, academic report, CUHK News Server, etc.

You can gain access to these restricted sites by setting up a VPN connectionover your Wi-Fi connection.


  • VPN technology offers data encryption and security mechanisms to ensure that only authorized users can access the campus network.

  • Data is not encrypted; thus the security level is low.
  • Do NOT perform actions concerning sensitive / personal information, such as e-banking.
Connection Time Per Session 12 hours with 1 hour idle time out and unlimited sessions Unlimited with 1 hour idle time out Unlimited