MyCUHK and CUSIS Upgrade Project
Project Name MyCUHK and CUSIS Upgrade Project
Go Live Date 2020-03-11

Along with the end of support of the related software, MyCUHK & CUSIS were planned to be upgraded in Feb 2020 originally. Due to the class and work arrangement of the University in response to novel coronavirus, the upgrade will be rescheduled to go live on 11 Mar 2020 (Wed) 8:45AM.

Serving User Groups Staff, Students
Changes / New Features

The following are some features available in the upgraded version:

  1. New login page – CUHK Login (Single sign-on with Office 365 and library services)
  2. Precise layout
  3. Function search available
  4. Mobile responsive
  5. Easy course / class search by keywords
  6. 2-factor authentication (2FA)

Details can be found at ITSC eNewsletter – issue 181.

Upgrade Schedule
  • Launch Preparation, Data Migration and System Checking (Details– 28 Feb 2020 (Fri) 6:00PM – 11 Mar 2020 (Wed)
  • Launch of Upgraded MyCUHK & CUSIS – 11 Mar 2020 (Wed) 8:45AM
Project Contact

ITSC Service Desk > Get Help > University Admin Systems