Guidelines on Handling Software Licenses in Copyright Ordinance

With the Intellectual Property (Miscellaneous Amendments) Ordinance 2000 put into effect on 1 April 2001, anyone who knowingly possesses an infringing copy of computer software may be criminally liable. ITSC would like to stress the University’s policy against using pirated software. Unit heads, department chairpersons, budget holders, and student bodies are responsible for the appropriate management of computer software. They should maintain a proper record of software licenses and proof of purchase of all the software they are using in their department, or student body, conduct periodic software auditing and help disseminate the University’s policy to their staff or members.

You, as a staff member or stuent, should not use computer software that you know or have reason to believe infringes on copyright works. You should also read carefully the terms of the licensing agreements to observe your rights and obligations. You should also refuse and report requests for installation of illegal copies into computers owned by the University.

The University has acquired university-wide licenses for commonly used computer software and ITSC has been coordinating various software license programs. Please check out the information here or contact us at

For more information about the Ordinance, please refer to its English version or Chinese version.

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