Central WiFi Service

Departmental users, including colleges, faculties and departments, are welcome to join this service to give Wi-Fi coverage in their own areas designated. In this way, departmental users can make Wi-Fi available at their laboratories, common areas and meeting rooms, for the convenience of their own staff, students and guests.

Check Central Wi-Fi service in public areas on campus.

Available to


Service Charge and Application

Charged (details can be found at tab 4. Cost for joining Central WiFi Service)
Application required, please write to ITSC Service Desk

Service Availability

24 X 7; except maintenance period


The key features of the service include:

  • The locations, coverage, traffic capacity are all customizable to suit your needs. Both the budget and desired functionality will match.
  • ITSC will help dealing with the vendor of the hardware, giving professional advice.
  • ITSC provides technical support upon installation. Change of settings and management of the system will not be a burden.
  • The interface and settings can be perfectly compatible with the existing WiFi network in other locations of CUHK. The ease of use by students and staff is maximized.


ITSC plays different roles in different stages of the service.

  • When planning the service, ITSC acts as an experienced professional consultant. ITSC gives help estimate the coverage, serving population and budget according to your demands.
  • When dealing with the vendor, ITSC helps contact the vendor, give suggestions on the purchase and quotations
  • Upon installation, ITSC provides technical support, helps configure the network and firewall settings.dummy image


Much of the operating cost is minimized since technical support will be provided by ITSC. However, the cost for the hardware and installation varies with the following:

  • equipment selected
  • number of users estimated
  • areas of coverage preferred

In addition, central WiFi provisioning in departments runs on a self-sustained basis. The annual charging fee can be found at Core and Fee-charging Service (via CUHK Login). The charges are to

  • Maintain the backend WiFi equipment
  • Sustain the overall infrastructure planning and development
  • Enhance the network security protection in accordance with the Unviersity’s Firewall Policy

CUHK Central WiFi service supports AirPlay. With appropriate devices and set-up, AirPlay can be used over CUHK Central WiFi via the following SSIDs:

  • CUHK1x
  • CUguest
  • eduraom
  • CSL
  • Y5ZONE

Students and staff can now enjoy this wireless projection function in YIA Lecture Theatres 1 – 9 with the Apple TV installed by AVSU.

ITSC will work with other departments to support AirPlay in other places on campus which have the coverage of Central WiFi service. If your departments hope to implement the technology in your meeting or conference rooms, please contact ITSC for the feasibility study and assistance on the one-off set-up.


End of Support product should not be connected to the Central WiFi Service.