Virtual Machine Hosting

Departments/Units/Colleges can subscribe a Special Virtual Machine (SVM) hosting service for hosting their website, application or server in ITSC.

A Virtual Machine (VM) is a software implementation of a machine that executes programs like a physical machine. This VM platform (supported by VMware ESXi 7 with firewall, is a type of Cloud IT service which offers a VM with firewall protection, in monthly subscription basis, to provide flexibility for departments / units /colleges to acquire their own virtual machines instantly and to eliminate long acquisition process for physical machine.

This special VM platform enables a more convenient and timesaving departmental system management.

Available to


Service Charge and Application

Charged on an annual subscription basis
Application of VM hosting (via CUHK VPN / campus network)

Need ITSC’s management of the operating system on your VM? Additionally subscribe OS Management ServiceITSC Service Desk > Service Catalog > Web, Server & Systems > Managed Hosting Service Request

Access to Service

Manage VM or Modify Firewall Rules:

Service Availability

24 X 7


  • Five SVM packages, protected under a firewall, are available

    VM Scale Package Name Configuration Details 
     Small Model S (2 CPU core, 2GB RAM, 100GB disk)
     Medium Model M (4 CPU core, 4GB RAM, 100GB disk)
     Large Model L (8CPU core, 8GB RAM, 100GB disk)
    Extra Large Model XL (8CPU core, 16GB RAM, 100GB disk)
    2 Extra Large Model XXL (16 CPU core, 32GB RAM, 100GB disk)

    • All include a 100GB disk size
    • Additional Disk Storage can be offered in 100GB based (100GB, 200GB, 300GB, etc.).  In the Extra Large package and 2 Extra Large VM package, additional RAM can also be offered in 16GB based with maximum up to 64GB (16GB, 32GB, 48GB and 64GB)
  • The following options are available for selection to be pre-installed with SVM package:
    1. Microsoft Windows Server 2022, with Kaspersky, with OS patches
    2. Microsoft Windows Server 2019, with Kaspersky, with OS patches
    3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 – minimal installation
    4. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 – server with GUI
    5. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 – minimal installation
    6. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 – server with GUI
    7. Rocky Linux 9  – minimal installation
    8. Rocky Linux 9  – server with GUI
    9. Other (no OS pre-installed)
  • Regarding the network services allowed in firewall,
    • For incoming traffic, according to the University’s Firewall Policy and Security Standard on Firewall Configuration, there will be no more default services allowed for incoming traffic from Public Internet
    • For outgoing traffic, all traffic is allowed
    • VM owner can modify the firewall rules
  • Central Backup Service for SVM
    • A simple and easy to use solution with everything operate via a web interface.
    • When the service is enabled on a SVM, it provides
      • SVM Daily Backup service
      • Self-service file level restore
      • Self-service backup status reports
      • On-demand full VM recovery
    • Visit its service page for its servcie charge and other details.