URL Shortening Service

Departments/units can use CUHK URL Shortening Service to create short links (or aliases) for their CUHK website or services. The generated link is in form of cuhk.hk/short-path.

Available to


Service Charge and Application

Free until further notice;
Application with Department Head endorsement required, please write to ITSC Service Desk . Check ITSC Service Request User Guide for operation details. Link will be processed in 1 working day.

Service Availability

Office Hours

Features & Services

Shortened URL

  • Providing a link in form of cuhk.hk/short-path.
  • Should be accountable and reflect the requested service.
  • Should be decent, and not to embarrass or harass any person or departments.
  • Should not confuse with existing names, registered trademarks and commonly-used product names.
  • Must not be the name of another department or service.
  • Cannot contain a sublevel such as cuhk.hk/itsc/service-name.

Traffic Routing

  • Send your visitors to specific landing pages based on their location and device.

Link Expiration

  • An option to expire in 90/180/365 days