System OS Management

This OS management service helps departments to manage Windows and Linux systems with installation and maintenance.

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Service Charge and Application

Charged on an annual subscription basis
For application, please write to ITSC Service Desk . Check ITSC Service Request User Guide for operation details.

Service Availability

8 X 5


Server OS Management

  • Server operating system (OS) management by ITSC
    • When departments want to host their applications in ITSC VM platform and need help in supporting and managing server operating system, they can apply for OS Management Service via ITSC Service Desk. Departments or their appointed vendors shall provide instruction and details for application setup and configuration.
    • Scope of OS Management Service:
      • OS Supported: Windows Server 2019 / CentOS 7 (EOL on Jun 2024) / Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS
      • Services include:
        • OS installation and basic configuration
        • Application installation and basic configuration
        • Patches management
        • Basic firewall setup and management
        • Server / OS monitoring
  • Server operating system (OS) or database management by departments or their appointed vendors
    • When departments (or their appointed vendors) want to host their applications and take up the server operating system (OS) or database management, they can simply apply for our Special Virtual Machine (VM) at
    • This VM platform is a private cloud service which offers a VM with firewall protection, in monthly subscription basis, to provide flexibility for departments to acquire their own virtual machines instantly and to eliminate long acquisition process for physical machine.

Site Building

For static HTML pages (such as using Dreamweaver) and password protected directories, departments can apply for hosting their website on CUHK Web Server .

Server Co-location

If you need to house a physical server at a well equipped data centre, the ITSC Co-location Rack Services may suit you. You don’t need to worry about facility management in the data centre.