Learning Management System (LMS) – Blackboard

Blackboard is a full-featured learning management system.  Teachers can set up course sites in Blackboard for students to access online learning materials, submit assignments, participate in online discussions, take quizzes, etc.

Available to

Staff & students

Service Charge and Application

Free; no application required

Access to Service

Blackboard: https://blackboard.cuhk.edu.hk

Service Availability

24 X 7; except maintenance period


System Requirements

Check if the browser you are using is supported (Instructor / Student)


You can access Blackboard with below Login ID and Password. Access to the system will end when your CUHK account expires.

Login ID Student-ID@link.cuhk.edu.hk (for students) / alias@cuhk.edu.hk (for staff) / Computing-ID@link.cuhk.edu.hk (for project accounts only)
Password OnePass (CWEM) Password

Account expiration: Based on the staff / student account deletion cycle as stated.

Note: If you would like to keep a backup of your content on the system, you must do so before your account expires.

Web Login

Detailed steps

Mobile App

All users can use mobile app to access the system on their mobile devices. Click here for more information.

Course Sites

Course sites are automatically created on the system the next day the corresponding course records are created in CUSIS.

Student After course instructors have updated their course sites and made them “available to students”, enrolled students will see the course sites listed under “My Courses” after successful login to the system.
Staff Listed course instructor(s) will see the course site(s) after successful login to the system. Course sites are set to “not currently available” to students by default.

If any of your enrolled courses do not appear:

  1. Check course site availability here.
  2. If you have added a course during the add/drop period, the course site will appear on the next day.
  3. Instructor and TA/Support Staff can control the availability of their course sites. Students are advised to backup all course materials before term-end if needed. Students can access course sites of the current year and the two previous years (which also depends on Instructor’s and/or TA/Support Staff’s decision). Staff can access course sites of the current year and the three previous years. (For more)
  4. If you still have questions, check with your instructors, TAs or support staff. You may also contact ITSC via ITSC Service Desk (eLearning Services general enquiry) for assistance.


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