Central Door Access Control System

ITSC assists department to build automated central door access control systems. The system recommended under the scheme is secure yet manageable. The controlling server is maintained at ITSC.

Available to


Service Charge and Application

Charged on a yearly subscription basis. Please refer to 2. Service Subscription below for details.

Service Availability

24 X 7

Service Support

Email: cpsm@itsc.cuhk.edu.hk


  1. You DO NOT need to maintain the system yourself.
    The service is sustained by central system at ITSC with high-availability and resilience.
  2. The service is collaborated with the contactless chip embedded in CU Link.
    You can incorporate the door access control easily without extra efforts and security concerns on card issuance.
  3. Handling lost card can be processed through CU Link Card Centre in one-go.

  4. Data and information with respect to door access are stored securely and are restricted to the retrieval by the relevant door administrators only.

  5. The service is enhanced further with the booking feature.
    It will cooperate with the online booking system as provided by Cloud Computing Division of ITSC.


In order to set up and use the Central Door Access Control System

  1. You can subscribe the service with ITSC by contacting us at cpsm@itsc.cuhk.edu.hk
  2. ITSC will provide one stop solution to liaise with parties concerned starting from initial site visit to the final establishment. Users need NOT bother to place orders to different parties. After the job is finished, ITSC will handle the inter-departmental fund transfer for the total project charge in one-go.
  3. Apart from pre-implementation support, ITSC will provide post-implementation support on door access control implementation and service maintenance (by liaising with contractors).
  4. After installing the client program at your PC, users can access the Central Door Access Control System by their individual administrator account and run the door access control easily.
  5. After 1-year warranty, ITSC will liaise with contractors on service renewal; and it has no service interruption on the user side.