Microsoft Copilot for the Web

Microsoft Copilot for the Web (formerly known as Bing Chat Enterprise)  is an AI-powered productivity tool. It provides you with a simple chat experience in web browsers such as Microsoft Edge . After login with your CUHK login, your chat data will be protected and would not be stored by Microsoft to protect privacy. Refer to “How to Use AI Tools Safely for more information. 

Available to

All Student and Staff

Service Charge and Application

Free (Provided under current Microsoft 365 licenses)

Access to Service

Refer to Access Copilot

Service Availability

7 x 24; except maintenance period (CUHK Login)


  1. Open a web browser (such as Microsoft Edge), visit , and click Sign in. 
  2. Log in with your CUHK email address and password, then authenticate with DUO when prompted.
  3. “Protected” would be displayed next to your CUHK email address.
  1. Use CUHK account to sign in copilot.This ensure user’s prompts (queries) be submitted to the correct environment and be protected.


    1. A green “Protected” badge near your account name (top right).
    2. The statement “Your personal and company data are protected in this chat” above the prompt entry box. 

  2. Safety TipsWhen using AI tools, it’s important to be careful. They can make mistakes, so always check the information they give you before using it Besides, while Microsoft will not use your prompts to train its AI model, please do not enter personal or private information like names, passwords or contact details. For more tips, check out ITSC’s Security Tips for details.

Microsoft 365 Copilot seamlessly integrates with various Microsoft 365 apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and more) and provides real-time intelligent assistance using organizational data that you have access to. With Microsoft 365 Copilot, you can enhance your creativity, productivity, and skills.

It’s a charged service through departmental subscription.

For a brief technical comparison between Copilot on the web and Microsoft 365 Copilot, please visit Microsoft’s support website. 

Prompts are the way you request Microsoft 365 Copilot to perform a task for you. Just as you would ask for assistance from your co-worker, having the right components in your communication will help you receive the best answer from Copilot.

The image below, from Copilot for Microsoft 365: The art and science of prompting, shows what Copilot expects. Explore more examples of prompts at Copilot Lab Prompts to Try (Mainly for Microsoft 365 Copilot) and follow its provided guidelines to create your own Copilot Prompts.