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    CUHK VPN allows CUHK users to securely connect to the campus network even over a non-CUHK network access (e.g. home broadband service). The VPN technology encrypts the data transferred online and prevents private information from wiretap. Some CUHK websites / online resources are accessible off campus only if users have connected to a VPN connection.


    Available to
    Staff & students


    Service Charge and Application
    Free, no application required


    Service Availability
    24 X 7; except maintenance period


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    1. User Guide: Setting Up VPN Profile and 2FA to Use CUHK VPN

    Set up and Connect CUHK VPN with

    • Android ( Eng |  )
    • iOS ( Eng |  )
    • Windows ( Eng |   )
    • Mac ( Eng |  )
    • DUO Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for Staff (Eng)


    Details of CUHK VPN

    • Hostname:
    • Max connection session: 8 hours with 1 hour idle time out except Windows 8 / 8.1, Mac OS X 10.9 or above and iOS 7 or above.


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    1. Importance

    • Protects your sensitive information transferred online
    • Avoids lengthy idle time and moderate IP addresses usage
    • Prevent network resource abuse by prohibiting multiple logins to CUHK VPN / ClassNet
    • Unify access restriction methods on CUHK online resources. System developers therefore can restrict their resources by asking users to connect to CUHK VPN with Computing ID + OnePass (CWEM) password.


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    1. Services Require VPN Connection

    Services Require VPN Connection
    • The following central IT resources or services require a campus network connection when you're outside CUHK.
      • CUHK Restricted Webapge at
      • CUPIS - CU Personnel Information System
      • CUSAP Financial System
      • IOPAS - Integrated Outside Practice Administration System
      • SPUS - Staff Profile Update System
      • SSAS - Staff Superannuation Administration System
      • ITSC managed Research Computing Platforms (Newcluster, AVES, GAIA)
      • Kaspersky anti-virus download center
      • RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) - policy
      • SMB (Server Messgae Block) - policy
      • Wake-on-LAN
      • Changing Email Alias or Email Address
    • Access ClassNet, a wired network in CUHK classrooms
    • For department IT services, please consult related departmental IT support.


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    1. Policy and Guidelines


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    1. Known Issues

    • You may experience an unstable VPN connection from mainland China with the gradual upgrade of China's Great Firewall. Most of the University system do not require a VPN connection. You can do your email, access eLearning system, browse CUHK websites, etc through any Internet connection. Please check out services that require a VPN connection.