The University has been using SAP (subsequently renamed as CUSAP) since 1996 for its financial system.

CUSAP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It provides major functions for the processing and management of accounting data and the preparation of financial reports by the Finance Office (FNO). It has also been decentralized for use by all Departments / Units (D/Us), with a view to exploiting the full benefits available from the CUSAP ERP. E-forms and e-workflows on major finance-related functions are developed and placed on the CUSAP platform for processing transactions, auto-fund checking and vetting / approval communication between D/Us and FNO. CUSAP also provides an intact database for D/Us to retrieve and inquire financial information and transaction records including scanned copies uploaded by D/Us and FNO.

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The CUSAP Financial System (CUSAP) was launched to facilitate colleagues in managing finance-related activities online. This system provides a number of functions for the Finance Office (FNO) to manage the financial activities of the University as well as a set of inquiry functions, e-forms and e-workflows for financial information retrieval, transaction processes, funds checking and approval communication between Departments / Units (D/Us) and FNO.

The major services available are:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Materials Management
  • Purchasing
  • Fixed Asset
  • Sales Distribution
  • Project System
  • Financial Reporting
  • Financial Information Inquiry for D/Us
  • University Suppliers’ Directory
  • E-functions to conduct procurement activities
  • E-functions to manage fixed assets and portable expensed electronic equipment (PEEE)
  • E-payment to pay both external and internal parties for various types of payment
  • E-invoicing to dispatch customer invoices and overdue reminders to external customers
  • E-receipts to report and account for income received
  • E-functions to handle inter-departmental billings and transfers
  • E-functions to handle petty cash claims and float reimbursements

For more information, please visit CUSAP Financial System | Finance Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong ( (CADS required)