Office 365 Protection Solution

Trend Micro Smart Protection for Office 365, in additional to Exchange Online Protection service, has been implemented in Apr 2020 to safeguard your emails from viruses, phishing and spam attacks.  All incoming emails to @cuhk and @link accounts will pass through this protection solution.  It helps to:

  • identify spams and moving them to Junk Email folder;
  • stop phishing emails to reach you.


However, for departments who are using their own mail server for receiving emails, they will not be affected.


Available to

CUHK Staff and Students


Protection Scope

Email services for both Staff and Student O365 accounts.


Implementation Schedule

Implementation Tasks Schedule
User Acceptance Test Jul – Oct 2019
Communication and End-User Training Sep 2019 – Apr 2020
Implementation on O365 Email Service
  • Pilot Run: Enable for ITSC colleagues
Oct – Dec 2019
  • Production rollout:   Enable for all Staff and Students
Apr 2020


User Experience

  • End-user phishing / spam emails:  move to Junk Email folder
  • Emails contain any suspicious URL:  a [Suspicious URL] tag would be included in the email subject
  • Other emails with problems, e.g. virus, filtered content, etc.:  filtered out and send to administrator’s quarantine mailbox (delete after 90 days)


So, apart from checking your Inbox, please also

  • Check Junk Email folder regularly.  Suspicious emails are moved to there and will be deleted after 30 days.
  • Mark your legitimate emails as not junk and report a false alarm to ITSC Service Desk, in case emails are mistakenly labelled.



ITSC Service Desk