Microsoft Teams – FAQ

Microsoft Teams – FAQ

1. Do I need to apply for Teams?

You can use the meeting, calls and chat features without submitting application to ITSC. In the Chat feature, you can share files with a list of your chosen users.

The files are stored in the OneDrive of the user who sent out the files. If the user left CUHK, the files will be lost.

There are three common reasons why a Team is needed:

(A) I want the shared files to be persistent.

After a team is created, the files shared within the team can be kept even if the person who sent the file left CUHK.

(B) I want to use apps like Planner

Some apps are only available in Teams.

After a Team is created, you will access it using the icon “Teams” instead of “Chat”.

2. I cannot create a team. How can I create it?

Creation of Teams is disabled, but ITSC can help to create it for you. Please visit How to apply

3. I have already logged in. Why am I still a guest?

Sometimes the log-in session cannot be carried from one browser tab to another or from browser to the teams client. If you see the following screen, you can click “sign in” at the bottom of the page ​to sign in again.​​