Mailing List

A mailing list is a single email address that points to a number of email addresses. An email sent to a mailing list will be automatically forwarded to members who subscribe the list.

With this service, you could create, manage or subscribe to a mailing list to ease some frequent email communication with your colleagues/ members.

Available to

Departments & Registered student organizations in the University

Service Charge and Application

Free; application required (Refer to 1. List Application & Renewal)

Access to Service

Mailing List Administrators Page:

Service Availability

7 X 24; except maintenance period


Person Responsible: Department head / Department coordinator / Student organization chairperson
Application Procedures: Complete the online application form
Result Notification: A notification email to department head / department coordinator / student organization chairperson within 3 working days

You must follow the guides here while managing or using the service to protect your mailing lists and avoid email loops:

List Management and Moderation

  • Change the login password regularly.
  • Include ONLY CUHK staff email address(es), i.e., as list administrators / moderators.
  • NEVER include your mailing list, i.e., as a non-member or member.
  • Set message moderation so that you can preview your message before dispatching it to list members. In case it is sent by a spammer, moderators can be notified and reject the message immediately.

List Expiry

  • Review your mailing list(s) regularly. ITSC reserves the right to close any unattended mailing list(s) with no activities detected for over 2 years.
  • Contact ITSC to remove your mailing list when it is no longer in use.

Sending Notifications

  • Put your mailing list, i.e., into bcc field whenever applicable;
  • NEVER use your mailing list as the sender, i.e.
  • Use links to file and never send large files

Please read Mailman Mailing Lists – Acceptable Use Policies and Guidelines to understand the right and responsibility.

In a mailing list, there are 3 types of roles with functions as below:

Role Responsibilities User Guide (via CUHK Login)
List Administrator / Owner The manager of the list who can

  • Have ultimate control over all parameters
  • Approve / Manage / View membership and delegate one’s role in the mailing list
  • Control messages to be sent to the mailing list and authorize members / non-members to send emails to the mailing list
Moderator The delegate who can control messages to be sent to the mailing list and authorize members / non-members to send emails to the mailing list
Member The subscriber who can

  • Receive messages sent to the mailing list
  • Unsubscribe a list