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    With mass mail, staff and student organizations can dispatch announcement, officially required notification and promotional materials to the mass in CUHK. This provides a common medium for information conveyance and avoids negative impact to CUHK network or system performance due to high mail flow.

    There are 2 types of mass mail service.

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    1. Guidelines for Composing Mass Mails

    Sending e-mails with large attachments, especially when reaching large batches of recipients, can cause a high server load on the e-mail system. If mass mails are not sent appropriately, they may slow down any sending or receiving of e-mails of our users, or even result in overall suspension of e-mail service in extreme cases. To help maintain the high quality of e-mail service for the whole University, you should read the guidelines below before composing your mass e-mail messages:

    1. Compress multiple files by using WinZip or WinRAR and attach one zip file in the e-mail.
    2. Convert image files from PNG to JPEG format before attaching them to the e-mail.
    3. Include links of large files uploaded to external sites instead of attaching the files to the e-mail.
    4. Consider an alternative means of mass communication provided by ITSC, such as Mailing List Service and Mass Mail Service.
    5. When emailing a large distribution list,
    • Check the e-mail size in the draft box before sending. A size of smaller than 150KB is preferred when sending to a group of over 1000 recipients to avoid imposing a significant impact on the network traffic.
    • Observe the attachment size. Sending attachment to a distribution list with more than 100 recipients should have size less than 1MB.
    • Dispatch the e-mail during non-office hours to avoid imposing a heavy load on the e-mail system.



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