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    With mass mail, staff and student organizations can dispatch announcement, officially required notification and promotional materials to the mass in CUHK. This provides a common medium for information conveyance and avoids negative impact to CUHK network or system performance due to high mail flow.

    There are 2 types of mass mail service.

    • Weekly Digest of Mass Mails
    • Individual Mass Mails

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    1. Weekly Digest of CU Mass Mailings

    This service is suitable for making promotion. It gathers promotional messages and announcements to all undergraduates, postgraduates, staff and / or students. You do not need to provide a recipient list. It allows you to dispatch your messages with some simple format and you can check view counts. Please note that the same message cannot be dispatch more than twice.


    Available to
    Departments & registered student organizations in the University


    Service Charge and Application
    Free; application required by 5pm one day before the dispatch date
    A notification email will be sent upon the application approval / disapproval.


    Access to Service
    Mass Mail System:


    Service Availability
    Office hours


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    1. Individual Mass Mail

    This service is suitable for making a single important announcement to a specific group of staff and students. You have to provide the recipient list (staff / student IDs). The message will be sent in plain text.

    If departments request to dispatch individual mass mails to all staff and / or students (even with / without recipient lists), the mass mails must be justifiable as important and urgent towards the mass.


    Service Charge and Application
    please submit the application form to Service Desk one working day before the dispatch time. ITSC will contact you to make further agreement.


    Available to 
    All staff on behalf of their departments & registered student organizations in the University


    Service Availability
    Office hours


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    1. Guidelines for Composing Mass Mails

    Sending e-mails with large attachments, especially when reaching large batches of recipients, can cause a high server load on the e-mail system. If mass mails are not sent appropriately, they may slow down any sending or receiving of e-mails of our users, or even result in overall suspension of e-mail service in extreme cases. To help maintain the high quality of e-mail service for the whole University, you should read the guidelines below before composing your mass e-mail messages:

    1. Compress multiple files by using WinZip or WinRAR and attach one zip file in the e-mail.
    2. Convert image files from PNG to JPEG format before attaching them to the e-mail.
    3. Include links of large files uploaded to external sites instead of attaching the files to the e-mail.
    4. Consider an alternative means of mass communication provided by ITSC, such as Mailing List Service and Mass Mail Service.
    5. When emailing a large distribution list,
    • Check the e-mail size in the draft box before sending. A size of smaller than 150KB is preferred when sending to a group of over 1000 recipients to avoid imposing a significant impact on the network traffic.
    • Observe the attachment size. Sending attachment to a distribution list with more than 100 recipients should have size less than 1MB.
    • Dispatch the e-mail during non-office hours to avoid imposing a heavy load on the e-mail system.



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