New Measures to Enhance Campus Access Control
Project Name New Measures to Enhance Campus Access Control
Go Live Date 2021-08-30

In anticipation of increasing number of people entering the campus upon commencement of the new academic year, the Administrative and Planning Committee (AAPC) has approved the implementation of the following new measures to improve the efficiency of campus access control measures with effect from 30 August 2021 (Monday)

To prepare for the launch of new measures and to familiarize colleagues with the procedures, two online briefing sessions jointly organized by Security Office (SCU) / Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC) were held on 24 August and 26 August 2021 respectively.

Nominated representatives of Colleges / Faculties / Units have joined these briefing sessions which cover the following topics:

By Adoption of Standard Templates (SCU)

(a)    Campus Visit Application Form – Group Visitors (for group visits to campus)

(b)   Temporary Campus Admission Card (for short-term courses)

The above two standard templates have been devised to be used by Colleges / Faculties / Units for their respective purposes.

By IT Solutions (ITSC)

(a)    e-Access Card Reading System (Smartcards – a separate email has been sent to relevant parties)

(b)   Visitor Registration System (QR Codes) – Administrator Nomination Form

Serving User Groups Departments
Briefing Session PPT