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CUHK is a member of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Educate program. AWS Educate is Amazon’s global initiative to provide students and educators with the resources needed to accelerate Cloud-related learning needs. With the grants-based access, it provides hands-on experience with AWS technology, cloud training resources, course content and collaboration forums.

AWS provides a wide range of cloud-based technology solutions, including storage and content delivery, managed databases, networking tools, developer tools, management tools, security & identity management systems, analytics, game development, mobile services, application services, and more.

Available to

Staff & students

Service Charge and Application

Free; account registration is required. Please refer to Tab 2: Getting Started for details.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Educate:

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24 X 7


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1. Grant-based access

AWS Educate provides educators, teaching assistants, and students with AWS credits that can be used to provide you with free access to AWS services. For educators, these credits can help to build your courses or skill up on AWS. Students can use their credits on AWS services for gaining hands-on experience with AWS and completing homework assignments, labs and projects.

Through application to AWS Educate individually, faculty and students receive some amount credit for the use of AWS services. These credits are renewable annually.


2. Getting Started

To get started, you must first have a personal AWS account. You need to register for an AWS account using your CUHK email address and must agree to the terms of service that exist between you and Amazon. Your AWS account is an account that you create at Amazon. And the University does not manage or control your individual user account.

With your AWS account, you may purchase a range of cloud-based web services. Once you have an AWS account, you may use the pre-loaded credits to acquire services.

Roles Eligible for Free credits Credit card tie-in Remarks
Students Starter Account** US$100 pre-loaded annually Not required Promotion credit usage is subject AWS updates on supported service list

(choose either one account type)

Starter Account US$150 pre-loaded annually Not required
Standard Account* US$200 pre-loaded annually Required Promotion credit can be used for any AWS services, with no limitation.

*Sign-up steps for Standard Account is essentially the same as Educator Starter Account. Refer to the FAQ video for Educators in Support section for details.

**From 19 January 2021 onwards, Educator Starter Account must be signed up through an invitation link from course instructor, who is already a member of AWS Educate.


  • After submitting the registration, immediately there will be an email coming to verify the applied email address. Sometimes it may go to junk box or deleted items rather than inbox. Please search for that email immediately because if the email box is not verified, the application is not officially submitted yet.
  • Do NOT forget the Educate password! The reason is that resetting the password here is a very troublesome process.
  • For students, please fill in your Graduation Year correctly because it impacts your benefits. The free credits will continue to refresh on a yearly basis until Graduation Date.
  • For staff, not sure if your role is qualified for AWS Educate? You may still submit an application using the best description for your position as possible. After submission, AWS Educate will review the application and assist you where necessary.

– FAQs:
– For any support needed, please go to