Rename from CWEM to OnePass #Throwback

If you have been in CUHK for years, you must be familiar with the term “CWEM”, “Campus-wide eMail”, “WebMail” or “CWEM System”. This term was used to describe the old email service of CUHK. Since system login in the University was almost about logging into email service in the past days, it was also used to name the password of CUHKers for login.

When the era changed, logins among CUHKers were no longer only about email, but also a variety of online or cloud tools such as MyCUHK, Blackboard and Microsoft portal. More and more CUHK IT services asked one to log in or verify themselves with “CWEM” password. To facilitate one’s login experience across different CUHK platforms, ITSC introduced a single-sign on feature into its login service i.e. no repeated logins needed to access multiple IT systems, which was rebranded as “OnePass” in 2015, implying “one pass” (a single pass) to multiple platforms.

As a transition, our publications have been using “OnePass (CWEM)” to describe the password. From 2023 summer, the old name “CWEM” is removed in our publications.

Figure 1 “CWEM” password was mainly for logging into email service (CWEM System) in the past days.