SPSS Campus-wide License

From 1 Jul 2020, departments can subscribe SPSS through the following means for teaching and non-commercial academic research. For SPSS license and its terms and conditions, please click here (via Campus Network or CUHK / SSL VPN).

Available to

Staff and students on university-owned computers for teaching and non-commercial academic research (supported platforms) for

Service Charge and Application

Network License: Free; annual renewal required.
Standalone License: To order it, please check below for the annual price and ordering method.


ITSC Service Desk (https://servicedesk.itsc.cuhk.edu.hk/): Get Help > General Enquiry


A network license, delivered through Central License Server, has been purchased for staff and students to use it on University managed devices. These devices must therefore connect to the Campus Network (except WiFi/VPN/ResNet) in order to use the following SPSS modules at free:

  1. Statistics Base
  2. Regression
  3. Advanced Statistics
  4. Custom Tables
  5. Forecasting
  6. Categories
  7. SPSS Amos
  8. Conjoint
  9. Exact Tests
  10. Missing Values
  11. Decision Trees
  12. Complex Samples
  13. Data Preparation
  14. Direct Marketing
  15. Neural Networks
  16. Bootstrapping

Departments can request Network License for SPSS 26/27/28.  Please obtain the license server information and the required media* by completing the SPSS Network License Request Form online.


  1. Same license server for Win/Mac/Linux
  2. IBM will end its SPSS version 25 support on 30 Sep 2022. And our license server will also terminate its v25 support from this day and onwards.
  3. IBM SPSS version 28 will be available from 28 Jun 2022.

The Standalone License is applicable for offline / off-campus access to SPSS, click here (This page requires Campus Network or CUHK / SSL VPN to access) for details.

Q1: Can I use SPSS over a WiFi/VPN/ResNet Connection?

A1: SPSS can only be used by staff and students under University managed devices. No WiFi/VPN/ResNet access is available. For off-campus access, departments may purchase a standalone version or apply for ITSC Virtual Desktop service to support teaching need.

Q2: How can departments use the Network License?

A2: Departments need to obtain the license server information from ITSC. For new installation, they need to get the media from ITSC additionally. Please complete the SPSS Network License Request Form in requesting the License Server information and the media.

Q3: Do departments need to reinstall SPSS for using the Network License?

A3: If you have already installed SPSS 24/25/26/27 on University-managed devices and they are connected to Campus Network (except WiFi/VPN/Resnet), you only need to connect your machines to the License Server. There is no need for you to reinstall SPSS.

Q4: How to migrate and use Network License?

A4: You only need to update the configuration by connecting to the License Server. The Authentication Module will be installed automatically.

Q5: Any user number limit on the Network License per department?

A5: No limit for department use.

Q6: Any special considerations for MacOS in using Network License?  Is everything the same as Windows version?

A6: The same Network License is used.

Q7: Our department is not on Shatin Campus. Can we use the Network License?

A7: This program is for staff and students to use on University managed machines in supporting teaching and non-commercial research purposes. Departments can use the Network License when their machines are connecting to the Campus Network (except wifi/VPN/ResNet).

Q8: What is the processing time for a department to get a standalone license?

A8: The license will be sent to the Department’s SPSS coordinator/user by email within a week after ITSC receives the signed SPSS Standalone License Request Form.