CUHK Mobile App Store

CUHK Mobile App Store is a platform which provides apps for staff and students. The apps include:

App Name Features
CUHK Mobile Pass App


Newly admitted UG and PG students can log in to generate QR code for

  • Campus access
  • Learning Commons and User Areas access.
Student Class Timetable App


Students can log in to

  • View the enrolled course code, title, class location (with campus map) and instructor information
  • Import class timetable into phone calendars
Staff Teaching Timetable App

TeachingTT 57

Teaching staff can log in to

  • View course enrolment information in real-time and class location
  • Email all / selected students in class
Other apps developed by CUHK departments Please check the description in CUHK Mobile App Store.

Available to

Staff & students

Service Charge and Application


Access to Service

Service Availability

24 X 7


To download apps from CUHK Mobile App Store

Note: For iOS users, please trust an enterprise app developed by CUHK