Policy for Email Group in Office 365 (Drafted)

Policy for Email Group in Office 365 (Drafted)

  1. Application:
    a. CUHK department/unit can apply email group(s) in Office 365 mail system to disseminate information regarding to teaching, administrative issues and student activities to staff and students through email.
    b. Request to create an email group containing email addresses of the whole CUHK community will not be entertained.
  2. Email Group Format:
    a. <alias>@cuhk.edu.hk or @<dept>.cuhk.edu.hk and must be registered in Office 365 mail system.
    b. <alias>@<dept>.cuhk.edu.hk should only include email address of same department/unit members’ email address
    c. <alias>@gocuhk.onmicrosoft.com and @mycuhk.onmicrosoft.com are System generated email groups format. They are not opened for application.
  3. Group Management
    a. ITSC is the primary administrator of Office 365 mail system and has right and responsible for the email group increation;

      • creation;
      • email group membership update;
      • maintain authorized users who can send email to the email group; and
      • deletion.

    Any exceptions will be reviewed and endorsed by ITSC director.

    b. ITSC can delegate the operation in (3a) to assigned department/unit administrator(s) for those email groups in format of <alias>@<dept>.cuhk.edu.hk

  4. Email group should be properly setup to have
    •  member list whose email address should be defined in Office 365 mail system
    •  authorized user(s) of the email group who should be CUHK member.