Guideline for Proper Selection of E-mail Alias of CUHK Email Address

This service is applicable for staff, student and project accounts covering e-mail aliases in form of


The initial e-mail alias of one’s e-mail address is given by ITSC

It can be modified at My Email Alias & My Email Address.

In changing the e-mail alias one must observe the following guidelines :

We encourage accountability in communication. Therefore, the alias that one chooses should be close to one’s name. Aliases like ‘superman’, ‘handsome-boy’, ‘little-pig’ and etc. are not encouraged.

Reserved Names
Some names or words are reserved and should not be used as for one’s alias. They are the names of the University departments, faculties, student societies and units; names of the University officers such as the -Chancellor, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, the Dean-of-Student and etc. and names of system accounts such as ‘root’, ‘postmaster’, ‘system’ and etc. If you are in doubt, you should consult the Information Technology Services Centre. The Information Technology Services Centre reserves the right to delete these aliases.

Alias Format
An alias must be 4 – 32 characters in length. A 3-char e-mail alias would be assigned each of the departments, faculties, colleges, research institutes and centres, administrative and service units defined in the administrative structure of the University. Specific programmes of study created under one or several academic departments will usually not be granted with a 3-char alias unless they are requested and they have a unique role of accountability and administration different from any existing structure. Department may request for a 3-char e-mail alias through ITSC Service Desk.

Aliases must be decent and not to embarrass or harass any person. The Information Technology Services Centre reserves the right to delete these aliases without advance notice.

Violation of the rules set above may result in deprivation of rights to use ITSC facilities

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Version 4, Apr 2018