Optical Mark Reading (OMR) Service

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) is the scanning of media to detect the presence or absence of a mark in a specific position. The multiple choice answer sheet and course evaluation forms are daily examples utilizing OMR technology.

Due to improvements on the document scanning and OMR technology, you may now scan the multiple-choice answer sheet and course evaluation forms using your scanner or Multi-Function Printer (MFP)* with the following settings and use the OMR software to obtain the data.

  • File format: PDF format
  • Colour: Black & white only
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Document type: text
  • To increase recognition accuracy, please tune the “exposure” or “darkness” to maximum if possible

*ITSC does not provide any dedicated OMR scanner for form scanning.


1.1 ITSC Multiple-choice Answer Sheet

The ITSC Multiple-choice Answer Sheet is designed for the use with ITSC OMR service.
You can order the printed forms from ITSC by writing to ITSC Service Desk.

 1.2 Obtain data easily using OMR software

Form images reading and analysis
With the Automation Wizard of the OMR software, answer or responses can be analysed and viewed easily. Errors are shown with special colour and can be corrected easily.

For details about using OMR Software, you can refer to the user guide here.

Results data export
The results data can be exported to excel format with data, such as the number of correct/incorrect/missing answers.


2.1 Self-service

You can process and collect the data at ITSC, Pi Chiu Building. A user guide will be provided, and a notebook with the OMR software will be reserved for your use.


  • The service is available during the office hours only. You can check the booking schedule here.
  • One-week booking in advance is required. You can reserve online through ITSC Service Desk (Service Catalog > Teaching, Learning & Research > OMR Service Request).

2.2 Data Processing by ITSC

You can also provide scanned form image files via your Microsoft OneDrive to ITSC for data processing. You would receive the data within three working days. ITSC would NOT keep any scanned form image files and exported data after the processing.


  • Data processing can be requested through the ITSC Service Desk.
  • The service requires uploading of scanned multiple-choice answer sheets or forms to your Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Data of the forms will be exported in excel (.xls) format and return to the requester within three working days.

2.3 Customized forms and output formats

ITSC OMR service may support other forms or export results in other formats. Please contact the ITSC Service Desk for more details before making a booking.