Data Privacy and Protection

Protection of Personal Data (Privacy)

All staff members and students of the University who handle identifiable personal data should take extra precaution to ensure that the relevant laws on personal data (privacy) and University Guidelines are complied with and that effective security measures are adopted to protect personal and sensitive data concerning a wide spectrum of data subjects such as staff, students, alumni, patients, clients, donors, job applicants and other data subjects involved in research/experiments/surveys.

More details can be found in the University’s Policy in Protection of Personal Data (Privacy).


Engagement of Third-Party Service Providers

To avoid the loss or unauthorized use or disclosure of personal and sensitive data, it is recommended that a Non-Disclosure Agreement be signed in all situations with contractors when acquiring third-party service that may give rise to access to personal and sensitive data or restricted information. For reference, please refer to the samples of Non-Disclosure Agreement.


Protection for University digital information

In order to protect the University digital information from being accessed by unauthorized person, you can make use of Azure Information Protection – AIP which helps you to classify, label and protect the documents according to the confidential level of the information. Once a document is classified and labelled, corresponding predefined security policy will be applied immediately to protect the document and limit the access against unauthorized person.

More details can be found in Data Classification & Protection with AIP website.


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