ITSC Orientation Video

Congratulation! Welcome to CUHK!
These short videos give students a brief on how to collect your computing accounts and what IT services you can get access to. Go and check them now!
Besides, visit our Quick Guide for New Students to get the setup instruction details.

1. Computing Account, MyCUHK & CUSIS

Video: English        Cantonese         Putonghua
2. Online Student Registration

  • Complete registration after collecting your account
Video: How-to?
3. Email and Microsoft 365 Applications

Video: English        Cantonese        Putonghua
4. WIFI & Network

  • Get network access on campus and off campus through free WiFi Service.
  • Connect to VPN for accessing restricted campus services off campus.
Video: English        Cantonese        Putonghua
5. eLearning @ CUHK

  • Various systems and tools (such as Blackboard, Teams, Zoom, etc) are available to enrich your online learning experience at the University.
Video: English        Cantonese        Putonghua
6. Information Security

Video: English        Cantonese        Putonghua
7. Software for student & Get help from ITSC

Video:  English        Cantonese        Putonghua

Last update: 13 Aug 2021