Security Guidelines for Using CU Link Card

The security of the CU Link card and PIN is very important as their use by any users provides access to various University facilities, including User Area, Library, Sports Centre, buildings with access controls, etc. Users must take good care to ensure that their card and PIN are not misused, lost or stolen and that they do not become known to anyone else.

Below are basic security guidelines such as keeping your cards with you at all times and keeping your PIN secret to prevent potential card fraud.

  1. To protect the CU Link card a user should:
    1. always keep the card securely away from any potential loss or hacked reading
    2. keep the card in a zipped wallet, or in a safe, secure place;
    3. check the card regularly to ensure it has not been lost or stolen;
    4. do not permit any other person to use the card;
    5. do not lend the card to others.
  2. To protect the PIN a user should:
    1. change the initial PIN immediately once received the CU Link card. You may go to CU Link website at to see how to change the CU Link card PIN.
    2. make PIN hard to guess: never use birthday or telephone number or easy sequences of numbers such as 1234.
    3. memorise the PIN and do not keep a record of the PIN in a way in which it can be determined by another person.
    4. do not disclose the PIN or allow it to be seen by any person (including a family member, friend or a member of our staff);
    5. shield the keypad when using card and PIN facilities, so that nobody is able to see the numbers you enter.
    6. if it is suspected that someone else may know the PIN, change it immediately.