Computer Security Tips While Traveling Abroad

When you are traveling abroad, whether in mainland or overseas, please take extra caution in using public computers or Wi-Fi network. Public Wi-Fi services may be poorly secured and vulnerable to exploitation by hackers. Always observe the following practices for a safe computing.

  1. Use ONLY your own personal computing device to access any system(s) that require your passwords and:
    • Enable a VPN connection on your computing device.
    • Make sure you are accessing from your own computing devices through a secure webpage. A secure webpage should have an address started with ‘https’.
  2. Be cautious when using public computers or public Wi-Fi network:
    • Use public computers or public Wi-Fi network for causal browsing ONLY.
    • Consider all public computers are insecure. They might have been infected by virus or malware. Therefore DO NOT enter passwords and any personal data in these computers.
    • DO NOT access CUHK IT systems such as CUHK VPN, CUSIS, OnePass, eLearning, Staff Self-Service Enquiry System, etc. to avoid private information or OnePass password leakage.
    • If it is inevitable to connect to the above CUHK IT systems through a public computer or public wi-fi, you should change your password immediately with a secure computer in a secure network.