Beware of WhatsApp Account Hijacking

As WhatsApp account hijacking incidents rise, protecting your account becomes paramount. Beyond staying vigilant against scams, follow below essential practices to safeguard your account.


General Best Practices:

  1. Avoid Suspicious Links and Files: Never click on links or open files from untrusted sources or text messages. Validate the spelling and legitimacy of the links, visit websites via official URLs. 
  2. QR Code Caution: Be wary of Quick Response (QR) codes with unknown URLs, especially if they come from untrusted sources. Malicious websites may be linked through such codes. 
  3. Regularly Review Linked Devices: Check your linked devices in WhatsApp settings to ensure no unknown device accesses your account. Remove any suspicious devices promptly. 
    • iPhone users: Go to Settings > Linked Devices.
    • Android users: Tap on the three dots in the top right corner > Linked Devices  
  4. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): If available, activate MFA for an extra layer of security. 
  5. Protect Registration Codes and Passwords: Never share your 6-digit registration code received via SMS or your account password with others. 
  6. Guard Personal Information: Avoid sharing personal details via WhatsApp or other social media tools.
  7. Public Wi-Fi and Computers: Refrain from logging into your personal account while using public Wi-Fi networks or public computers. 


If you suspect your WhatsApp account is compromised, take immediate action: 

  1. Check Linked Devices: Verify if any unauthorized devices are linked to your account. If found, log out all devices simultaneously. 
  2. Reset Password and Enable MFA: Change your WhatsApp account password using a clean device and enable MFA. 
  3. Review Messages and Files: Examine sent or deleted messages, voice recordings, and files in your chats. Notify contacts about unusual or suspicious messages, especially those requesting urgent funds.
  4. Clean your Device: Check if any suspicious files are found on your device or computer.  If yes, to play safe, backup your important files and factory reset your mobile device / reinstall your computer from scratch.
  5. Verify Contact Person: If someone is requesting money transfer, verify with the person via a trust channel. 
  6. Report Incident: If there is any financial loss, report to the Police immediately. 


Please stay vigilant and protect your WhatsApp account from potential threats.





Published on:  Feb 2024