Is it a Phish?
Is it a Phish?
Project Name Is it a Phish?
Event Date 8 April 2019 (10:30 AM) & 10 April 2019 (2:30 PM)
Event Time One-hour duration
Event Language(s) Cantonese
Target User Groups Students, Staff

ITSC Training Room 103 -105


Stephen Chan, Consultant, Green Radar (Hong Kong) Limited


In this session, you will know more about phishing email – a kind of cybersecurity attack that let you fall into a trap with just a click of button on a fabricated phishing email.

Speaker shared the following topics:

  • What is phishing? What are the typical types of phishing?
  • Recognize common baiting tactics.
  • Examine phishing emails.
  • How to protect oneself from being hooked?
Presentation Notes

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