Major Projects
Qualtrics Pilot
Project Name Qualtrics Pilot
Go Live Date 2018-10-01
  • Qualtrics is a survey service widely used by universities around the world to allow their staff and student users to easily create, design and distribute surveys for a variety of teaching, learning and research needs.
    ITSC has been providing the following services to enables staff and students create online surveys and application forms for data collection in a user-friendly manners using an open-source software package running on ITSC-managed application servers.

  • From time to time, ITSC receives enquiries from staff and student users asking if the University has Qualtrics subscriptions (due to missing of certain features in MyCUForm and CU Webform).
  • ITSC contacted Qualtrics again when assisting on a user enquiry around early 2018 and received a one-year institution-wide pilot offer from the company.
  • At 2nd ITGC-SET (2017-2018) meeting on 11 May 2018, ITGC-SET approved the pilot.
  • In response to user feedback, the pilot has been extended for an additional year (2019 – 20).
  • In response to user feedback, the pilot has been extended for an additional year (2020 – 21).
  • By May 2021, the usage data will be reviewed, if there are evidences of institution-wide demand, the project team will negotiate the on-going subscription arrangement with Qualtrics and seek the approval from the University for on-going subscription.
Serving User Groups Students, Staff

30 May 2021 (Fri)


Users may now follow the steps below to start using the service.

  1. Visit
  2. Login via CUHK Login using your @cuhk or @link.cuhk email and OnePass CWEM Password.

Users may find below information useful to get you started:

  1. Qualtrics Online Tutorials:
  2. Qualtrics Support:
Project Contact

Judy Lo (ITSC), Secretary of ITGC-SET