Data Encryption for Endpoint Security

Universities are particularly vulnerable to information security incidents because of their open information access policies and richness in information assets — staff and student data, payment information, employment records, patient health records, and all kinds of sensitive and classified research information. If you are bringing your office laptop or USB flash drive that contains unencrypted sensitive data to an external meeting and are unfortunately lost or stolen, the data might fall into the wrong hands. This is in fact one of the most common causes for data breach.


The most effective solution in the industry is to employ data encryption. The University has recently endorsed the deployment of an Endpoint Security Solution which provides encryption to all university-owned desktops and laptops used by both teaching and non-teaching staff. Since computers set up for casual use in classrooms, general labs and libraries will not handle personal data, encryption is not necessary. This solution is highly recommended for staff who handle personal data and sensitive information.


The Endpoint Security Solution – Windows BitLocker is currently recommended, and it is already bundled in the latest version of Windows Operating Systems.


Published on Jun 2014

Last updated on Dec 2018